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Verhoeven Training in Eindhoven is specialized in recreational boxing. We aim for athletes who want to learn the techniques of boxing, not competing in contests. Boxing can help you get an excellent condition, strengthen your muscles and tone your body. Its one of the most complete workouts you can get!

Boxing is a good match for whom is in search for a mental and psychical training. It can help you strengthen your trust, your self defense and it’s known to be empowering for various people in different age categories. Plus, it helps you to relax through releasing stress and frustration. Last but not least, Verhoeven Training makes it fun at the same time! Over the last years we have created an enthusiastic, fanatic group of trainees, who can train once of twice a week. Thursday 21-12-2017 we start with kickboxing!

Verhoeven Training makes sure the training is build to suit all types of athletes, from beginners to more advance. Age starts at 13 uptil … , who ever is up for it!

Training duration: 1 hour, mondays, wednesdays and Thursdays.

Location: Kanunnikensven 1, Eindhoven

Start lessons:

Monday:                       19:30, 20:30

Wednesday:                 18:30, 19:30, 20:30

Thursday:                     19.30

Costs: Quarterly € 82,50 once a week

€145, twice a week

Boxing gloves and other equipment can be bought at the gym, ask the trainer.

First lessons you can borrow it.


Enthusiastic to all these benefits?

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